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Mulans Halloween Costume by Syroyoga16
Mulans Halloween Costume
A Halloween Gift to :iconqueen-koopa: i decided to make a Halloween maid costume for her for halloween. give credit to :iconher-bases: for the base link will be below and :IconQueen-Koopa. Oc Mulan. i hope you guys fav and comment too. Happy Halloween.…
Syro meditating by Syroyoga16
Syro meditating
I was Brainstorming of what other things i can do with Syro. then it hit me. i should do Syro in a monk robe while he meditates. give the credit for :iconsphinx9: the link will be below if you want to see the base. i hope you guys enjoy and please fav and comment to i really want to know what you think of it really appreciative a lot.…


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Mikhail kenealy
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            When I was standing for 15 minutes in the Trans dance, blind folded and I blacked out. When I opened my eyes I wasn't in Omega Teen camp. This place was like a desert and there was huge stone stairs case leading up to who knows where. I could of walked into the abbess of the desert that could lead to death, but I took the stairs instead.  At first was was afraid, but standing wasn't an option for me. I took a deep breath and started to walk the stone stairs. It we extremely hot and it seemed like there was no life around me as I walk the stone stairs. I lost count from stair step 535, it felt like hours going by, but I kept going up those stone stairs. It was about lunch time and my stomach was growling noting me it was lunch time, there was no food around, but I kept walking up those stone stairs. I was getting very tired, so I stop to catch my breath. The air was so dry it was very hard for me to breath. I stood back up and continue up the stone stairs. My mouth is starting dry up, I needed water. I tried to think what stair step I was on but it didn't matter. As I thought there was no hope for me, I spotted a stone fountain up ahead. I used what energy I had to get to the fountain quickly. As I approach the fountain the water was so beautiful, it was so clear I could see my reflection. The water was running down. I scooped a hand full of water and put it to my mouth and drink some of it. The water was so pure it made me cry. I drank as much water till my stomach was like a Buddha.  I looked on the wall and I saw some dry vines. I looked up and at the same point where it was dry it showed some green, and that made me curious. I stepped a little towards the edge it was a very long way down, but I can't stop now, I continue up the stairs. As I was stair step 4059 I was starting to see plant life, it was strange to me but I kept going up. I reached to the top, I found an amazing temple. I stand gazing at the temple. I started to wondering around the temple, the temple seemed very nice, ancient and abandon. There was no one around the temple. I looked in every house and yet one one to be found. It was getting close to dawn, I spotted a small fruit and vegetable garden, I made a meal, blessed the food and ate it. As I finish my meal walked some more. I saw a huge alter, I walked to it and I saw someone... or something sitting. This figure didn't look human, but wore monk robe. This strange monk spoke to me. He said "Mikhail. Come sit and look at this view with me." It was strange that he knows my name, so I walked and sat next to him.  The strange monk said, "Allow my to introduce myself. My name is Syro." When I looked at Syro he didn't have any eyes, nose or ears. Syro did have a big curved head with a mouth, two horns on his head, very large wings and he had a tail as we'll. Syro told me he is a Xenomorph/dragon hybrid. Syro also told me his life story and how there were monks lived here. The monks took care of Syro when his parents were killed by a hunter. Sadly, the hunter  knew where Syro was at the temple. The hunter killed all the monks. Both Syro and the hunter fought. Syro paralyzed the hunter but didn't kill him. One of the monks threw a rock at the hunter when he tried to trick Syro. The hunter fell of the cliff. Syro buried his monk friends and praised for them. Now Syro is the gardian of this temple. Syro's story put me in tears. I smiled at Syro and said to him " your parents would of been proud of you Syro". Syro smiled back at me and namaste me. So thus the sory ends and I awoke from the Trans and I was kneeling. I smiled, I finally got to meet Syro for the first time after all.

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